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Hungary, Budapest based capracorp was founded in 2002 by a team of talented economists and software engineers with the aim of helping clients to become the most effective players in their markets by developing and implementing advanced IT solutions.

Since that time, capracorp has become a respected software developer specializing in tailor-made Management Information Systems for financial institutions. Capracorp already supplies advanced IT solutions and management consultancy services to a variety of financial institutions in Europe and to one of the world’s largest banks.

As well as technical solutions we also provide management consultancy, exceptional flexibility, secrecy and a client oriented attitude. Thanks to these values capracorp has gained extensive experience in projects, on both local and international markets. Our range of products and services includes not only data warehousing solutions for decision support, workflow management and business modelling but also provides day-to-day reporting tools. These tools enable key decision makers to clearly understand the relationships between business drivers and financial results. Top management, product development teams and sales forces handle an ever increasing amount of information. This information may be the same but different departments use this same data in different ways. Our solution offers a range of different data-visualizing techniques to satisfy the individual needs of each group.

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